Alberta Visual Artist

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.
– Anais Nin

I am a picture maker. I think I’ve always been one. I am also a dreamer. From as far back as I can remember I’ve occupied my time with making pictures as an escape from a sometimes harsh world. Pictures that often represented a bygone era or way of life far removed from reality.

I was born in Calgary, Alberta. Although raised in the city, I spent as many of my weekends and holidays as possible with relatives in the ranching areas of southwestern Alberta where a deep love for western living and nature developed. Art was a major part of my life then. I took my first photograph with my dad’s camera when I was two. I sketched and painted too. As a child, it was rare to see me without a camera or sketchbook.

I took more formal training in photography and the fibre arts, but continue a self-directed study in painting. The ability to effectively express myself through paint has led me on a lifelong learning experience that continually challenges me.

Working mostly in oils, I strive to produce evocative images; impressions of our world more so than literal translations. I want to enable viewers to interact with the images to create their own stories or interpretations. My main focus is on impressionist landscapes with a special emphasis on skies, which is a nod to both my roots in Alberta and the many years I have spent as a volunteer weather watcher for Environment Canada. My love of the local flora and fauna often make appearances in my work as well.

My inspiration comes from the work of Soviet, Dutch, and French Impressionists, and my great, great uncle Frederick G. Cross, amongst others. In 2009 I was juried in as a full member of the Alberta Society of Artists. In 2014 I was juried in as an active member of the Federation Of Canadian Artists and the Oil Painters of America. My photographic works have won many awards internationally and both my photography and paintings hang in private and public collections around the world.

“The meaning is not in the object or person or thing, nor in the word. It is we who fix the meaning so firmly that, after a while, it comes to seem natural and inevitable. The meaning is constructed by the system of representation.”
– Stuart Hall

Example of Posse Ad Esse print framed for living room display.


My fine art prints are featured in the Westin Hotel (Abu Dhabi, UAE; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA), Callaway Garden Spa & Resort (Georgia, USA), Brush Creek Ranch (Wyoming, USA), Ritz Carlton Hotel (Florida, USA), University Hospital (Edmonton, AB), and private collections in Canada, USA, UK, France, Italy, Sweden, and Australia.

A selection of my work is licensed by First Light (Canada) and Millennium Images (UK), and Soho Myriad (London, Atlanta, LA). I also license work independently for local design projects and stock usage through Pictorialist Photo. Open edition prints are available from Great Big Canvas and Gango Editions.

Original Canadian Representational Paintings

As our world becomes more and more complicated and confining, we crave freedom. Whether that freedom comes in the form of wide open spaces or in our spirit, it is that one imperceptible quality that is missing from many of our lives. It is this search for freedom that I explore in my art.

I find the landscape the perfect subject for exploring this theme. Vast open spaces and big skies, where the weather shapes the land; these landscapes are places where a person’s thoughts have room to grow and the self becomes small in comparison to the grandeur of the universe. While the landscape forms the majority of my work, there are diversions into the people and animals that best represent the free spirit.

My work is mostly representational painting in an impressionistic style. I am less a slave to a particular ‘ism’ though, as with accurately representing a certain mood or spirit. I don’t strive to copy nature exactly. I want to capture an emotion, allowing the viewer to feel a sense of grandeur and awe, or maybe even a touch of loneliness. Sometimes all I’m asking of the viewer is to step away from the turmoil of modern life to reflect on the natural beauty of the world. I want the viewer to get a sense of the internal stories that exist inside of me. Quiet stories of a life lead simply.