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PlusOne Collection

Plus One Collection

A couple of weeks ago I was talking about the Google+ book project I had participated in. At the time only the collectors edition was available. I’m happy to report all versions of the book are now available, including the unlimited e-book. Remember that proceeds of the sale are going to support Kiva – a worthwhile charity I personally support. You can take advantage of a limited time discount offer on the book versions until April 28 by using the code PLUSONE15OFF during checkout. I’m waiting for my hardcopy of the book to arrive.

The book is available through Blurb or the PlusOne Collection website. Read what had to say about the book project.

Branding Slideshow

This is just a very short video with a few images from the weekend’s branding. My dad has been in the hospital for close to 3 weeks and I wanted to put together something for him to see when I go back down to visit on Thursday. I’ll have many more images of the branding coming up, but it will take me awhile to sort through and process them all.

April Newsletter

April’s PDF version newsletter is short and sweet. Some news, some views, an exhibition schedule, and the link to April’s desktop wallpaper.

April Newsletter

I’d like to add value to my newsletters to make them worth viewing, but I’d like to hear what you’d consider valuable content.

New In The Studio

Stroll 30x45" Canvas Print

The studio is bulging with the addition of several over-sized canvas gallery wrap prints. I’ve had to move some of my work into our main living area for temporary storage (and display). Prints are 30×45″ – stretched and ready for display without framing; though framing would give these pieces an old world timeless quality. With or without framing these large canvas archival pigment prints are estate quality pieces at a price anyone can afford.
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Has Society Been Brainwashed?

I believe we have. I think we’ve been programmed to believe that quantity is better than quality. We’ve been trained to think it’s better to purchase 10 mass produced prints over 1 original work of art. We believe more is better. But if you look back, for anyone of a certain age, to the homes of our parents, or grandparents, what kind of art did they have on their walls?

Did they have 5 or 6 mass produced, generic prints? If you are over 30, probably not. They probably had 1 original painting or photograph in the living room, and then some smaller family photographs on another wall, or perhaps in a hallway or dining room. Sometimes a family would have 2 or 3 paintings. At least that’s how it was in the world I grew up in. From my great grandmother to my grandparents, that is what I remember about their homes.

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Sing It Loud

It’s beginning to feel like Spring. Although I know winter isn’t done with us yet, all I want to do is go play in the sunshine. Or sing with joy, like this Yellow-headed Blackbird appears to be doing.

I will be in Calgary tomorrow for the gala opening of Endeavor Arts. If you are in the city please stop in from 6 to 9 PM.

Collude Washi Print

Collude Washi Print, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

I’m working on some one of kind prints on specialty papers again. This print of Collude is on a very thin, holey Japanese washi paper. Making these prints is a time consuming and delicate operation. The paper has to be coated with a digital ground which will allow the pigment inks to adhere to the paper and provide an archival base. Coating this delicate paper requires a careful hand not to tear the paper while it’s wet.

After coating the paper is hung to dry. Then any wrinkles have to be removed through pressing. Some of the thicker papers are then ready to print, but the thinner ones like this have to be attached to a carrier sheet. Edges have to be curled back so the sheet will feed properly through the printer.

Once printed the carrier sheet has to be removed and the print left to cure for at least 24 hours. Another UV protective coating may then be applied.

I’m not sure whether this qualifies as an original print, or if it should still become part of the edition. I’ve done them both ways, but when I’ve called them an original I haven’t made any more prints of that particular image. For this one I made it part of the edition, but it will be the only one printed on Japanese washi paper. The rest of the edition will be printed to traditional papers or canvas.


Cultures, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

Now that the February/March issue of PhotoLife has arrived, I can announce that this infrared image placed in the Travel division of the 12th annual International Photo competition. This is the second year in a row I’ve had a winning image chosen out of thousands of images from across the world.

Thank you to the judges, staff at Photo Life, and sponsors of this competition.

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

One of the policies I announced I’d be putting place for 2010 was that I would not be offering any print sales, but would instead run special charity based events. The recent events in Haiti have motivated me to put that plan into action.

There is a Flickr group called the Charity Print Auction which has started a fundraising event for Haiti. I have decided to join in.

How it works is that you must place a bid through the commenting feature on my Flickr Stream. If you aren’t a Flickr member, which I assume many of you are not, you may comment here and I will transfer it over.

In your comments announce the amount you wish to bid for the print. The highest bid on midnight MST on Sunday January 17th, 2010 will win the auction and a print. The print size will be based on the amount of the final bid as follows:
Up to $10 – ACEO size (2.5×3.5″)
$11 to $25 – 5×7″
$26 – $50 – 8×10″
$51 – $75 – 10×15″
$76 – $100 – 12×16″
$101 up – 16×24″

If you are the winning bidder, I will request you make your donation directly to one of two charities I have chosen to support. I will request you provide proof on the donation through a screen capture or electronic receipt of payment made. (Alternatively you may pay me the bid amount directly and I will make the donation.) Once proof of payment has been made, I will ship the print to you.

You win by getting a tax deductible receipt and a beautiful piece of art. Furthermore if you are a Canadian citizen you will have the knowledge that your donation is working doubly through the Canadian federal governments matching donation plan.

The charities I have chosen to support for this are the Canadian Red Cross or Plan Canada.

Woven Heartland ATC/ACEO

Woven Heartland ATC/ACEO, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

It was inevitable at some point in time the 14 years I spent as a fibre artist working with textiles would have to run head on into my photography. The influence has always been there, whether it’s in my use of textures, color, or the abstract and impressionistic styles where images are based more on form, lacking the intricate details typical in photography.

This has been an idea I’ve had floating around in my head for a few years. My images are often intangibly woven by my thoughts and feelings, but now they are literally woven as well. This is just a small ATC (artist trading card) size sample I created to test the idea. I’ve since done a couple more in larger sizes. There are challenges, but there are also possibilities.

Orange Daisy

Orange Daisy, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

Happy New Year. May 2010 be filled with good health, the love of family, good friends, and good fortune. I am hopeful about the opportunities and possibilities for this new century.

“In the past we have had a light which flickered.
In the present we have a light which flames.
And in the future there will be a light which shines over all the land and sea.”
– Winston Churchill

Season’s Greetings

Snow On Tree, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

It is such a busy time of year everywhere. Bad weather in Alberta is making it more difficult to get all the little things that need doing done in time for the holidays. It probably doesn’t help that I’d rather be out taking photographs in all the snow than staying inside taking care of holiday preparations.

I did want to take a minute to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. May your holidays be safe and happy.


Galaxy, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

I’ve been painting for awhile now. I did a lot of watercolors when I was a teenager, and then in my twenties I did some oil paintings. Then I quit painting altogether when we moved to the farm because our house was just too small and I didn’t have the room to make a mess. About 10 years ago we added on to the house, so now I’ve got the room to paint again.

I started off, a couple years ago, by doing some watercolors to use as texture elements in my photographs (and now you know how I get my unique look – if you didn’t know already!). I also started playing around with acrylics. Mostly it was the grounds and textures that drew me in that medium. Plus the convenience of easy clean up and quick drying.

Missing the flow of oils, I’ve gone back to that medium as well. However they are a much slower process to produce finished works. I’ve got two in the works but it will likely be a couple months until they are completed. At first the paintings were created as texture elements. I was only concerned with brush strokes, colors, values, and texture. Now I’m trying to give my work more form so the paintings can serve not only as texture elements for my photographs, but can stand on their own as well.

The painting shown here is acrylic on canvas.

Gateway To Home

Gateway To Home
, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

I’ve posted a list of prints I have available for my December studio sale on Facebook. Everything is 50% off regular studio prices until December 31. Once they are gone, they’re gone. There is only 1 of each print listed available for this sale.

If by chance you can’t view my Facebook page and are interested in the list, let me know. I’ve had some people say they can’t view the list because they aren’t Facebook members, so I’m posting the sales list here for them. Continue reading %s


Twenty Below, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.


Update: I’ve since spoken with the managing director about this issue, and there were a few misunderstandings. The project in question isn’t an ad campaign. They are developing an interactive community supported website destination for their client. It will be a place where people can share information and images about outdoor activities and destinations in Canada. They are hoping to launch the Internet destination with content in place, so are looking for people to participate. Their approach needs some work.

Until I can actually see what the site is all about, and the implications of placing images on it, I still won’t be participating. But I do offer my apologies for making false assumptions about the nature of this project.


So what would you do if one of the world’s largest advertising agencies approached you, via Flickr, for permission to use one of your images for free? For me it’s a no brainer, and hopefully it is for you too. A big fat, outrageous, you’ve got to be friggin’ kidding me NO.

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Gift Registry Program


Arts On Atlantic has announced an easy way to make giving meaningful, lasting gifts easy with their gift registry program. This gallery, which is well known for it’s ecletic collection of art and fine craft, is not your typical art gallery destination. The atmosphere inside is warm and inviting. You won’t find an intimidating gallery space which makes you feel like you should whisper and tiptoe around. What you will find is a diverse collection of work to represent all tastes and budgets. I can’t go in without wanting to come home with half the work displayed – whether it’s traditional paintings, fine art photography, fused glass, book arts (the books are really fascinating), jewelry, sculpture, or textile works.

The gallery represents a small selection of my photographic images. If you are in Calgary, or plan to visit the city in the next month, ask me how you can get a discount on your purchase from Arts On Atlantic.

The gallery has a variety of services available such as Art Rental, Corporate Services, Gift Certificates, Gift Registry, Overseas Shipping and Quality Custom Framing. Payment plans are also available.

Website Redesign

New Website

I’ve completed the redesign of my main website. Some corporate visitors weren’t able to access my site since it was all being run from WordPress. Apparently many corporate Internet streams will block access to blogs from employees, which made my whole website off-limits to a lot of people. This design is one of the most time-consuming I’ve ever done & updating will also be labor intensive, so I don’t plan to update the gallery sections often.

I’ve been a WordPress user for many years. So long, in fact, that I don’t even know how long it’s been. 8 years? 10? Who knows. I first chose WordPress because it was designer friendly – it was easy to customize the templates to match your main website. With each version update the program has gotten a little more complicated and the templates a little more sophisticated. To the point that I can’t really design my own templates anymore and still keep the functionality. I think I’d need to spend months studying php and css code to be able to customize any of the templates now – and that is time I just don’t have anymore. So a canned design that doesn’t match the rest of my site is going to have to do from now on.

If anyone notices any major errors in the new site, please let me know.


October, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

This weekend I was in Calgary for the branch meeting of the Alberta Society Of Artists where new members were asked to introduce established members to their work through a short presentation. When it was announced, early this year, that I had been juried into this distinguished arts society, I was extremely honored. Now, after having seen the presentation from other new members I am humbled and in awe.

The quality of art produced by my fellow members is second to none; and I’d like to introduce you to the other new members of the society.
David Cheney
Ingrid Christensen
Linda Craddock
Linda Daoust
Errol Lee Fullen
Dale Kirschenman
Catherine Huang-Tam

Each one has a distinct and unique style of art. It was incredibly inspiring to meet these artists, and others of the Calgary branch. Most artists work in a solitary environment. To have an organization of like-minded individuals to network and socialize with is invaluable. The fact that the members I’ve met are so incredibly friendly and supportive is amazing.

Be sure to view the work of the other Alberta Society of Artists members too.

People Are Friendlier In Summer

I created this image back in June, and the title came to me after a trip to town. It had been a beautiful summer like day and I noticed everywhere I went people were smiling and happy. So why I am posting about that now?

A week or so ago we were +30ºC. We’ve been blasted with winter. It’s been snowing for 2 days. The ground is white. The roads are icy. And I found myself in town today. It was -6 and snowing. This is early for such cold weather. Combined with the fact we’ve gone from one extreme to the other with no period of adjustment, it makes the cold feel that much colder.

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Featured Photographer

Autumn, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

I am currently the featured photographer at First Light; the stock photography agency that represents some of my conceptual fine art photographs.

I’m currently in the process of sending them another large submission – 37 new images altogether. As you will see, my portfolio on First Light is not comprised of the usual stock photography type images. When I approached First Light, I knew there was a good chance my work would be rejected because it didn’t represent what was normally considered stock photography. However, I learned a long time ago you have to be prepared to stand out unless you want to blend into the crowd; and in order to stand out, you have to take risks.
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On Being Flexible

No Strings Attached

After studying photography I worked briefly as a studio photographer. I did the odd portrait session and a couple weddings. It was never the type of photography I had intended to do; and it was never something I was particularly interested in. I’m shy. For me, working with people felt awkward and clumsy. I hated having to pose people and try to be entertaining to make people feel at ease and give natural expressions. After my first Christmas season I’d had enough.


Fast forward twenty years and I’m finally building a career on the type of photography I had always want to do. I am creating nature based fine art photography. I am following my heart and my dreams. But….in those twenty years I’ve changed a lot. I’m not nearly as shy as I used to be. I’m more fascinated with society and people than I ever used to be; and there is a part of me that wants to create more people oriented images. Not portraits or weddings, mind you, but more impressionistic images of people going about their daily lives.

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Allowing For Luck

Controlled Burn, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

I went out west to the Rockies on Friday with the intention of capturing some of the autumn colors before they are gone and was also thinking of getting some sunset shots at the end of the day. I had left after lunch and took my time, checking out some places we usually just drive right by.

When I finally got to my location west of Nordegg, the smoke from the controlled burns was so heavy it was like a blanket of fog was covering everything. The landscape I’m so familiar with was completely different. The images I had visualized were looking doubtful. It would have been easy to get discouraged and go home, but it’s just as easy to adapt your plans to what’s available and go with the flow.

So I tried to make the best of it, and shot some different types of images than what I’d originally planned. As I continued to drive west the winds picked up and the smoke cleared a bit. I was able to get some interesting shots of the actual fires, including a couple of the helicopters that were tending the fires. (Not sure if they were fighting the flames, or controlling the direction of the burn, or what exactly they were doing.)

I’ve recognized when I’m out shooting if I try to force myself I come home disappointed. But if I just go with the flow and listen to that inner voice, the images I’m able to capture are much more satisfying. Unexpected things always seem to happen. The bird lands right in front of me. The creek bed leads up to the smoke and the light falls on the trees exactly right. The clouds part and light up my subject just as I’m about to snap the picture.

I’ve had conversations at gallery shows about my work where some people think it’s an extraordinary talent to see the opportunities in a given location, and I always tell them it’s a lot of luck. But do we make our luck? I think, maybe, we do. By being open to new opportunities….new possibilities, we allow luck to enter our lives. We don’t close our eyes and continue to see the magic that is before us.

The key to being able to do this is to have a genuine curiosity of nature and the world around you. I am continually amazed by the world and see beauty in every corner of the world. It’s a sense of awe in everything that surrounds me.

Back From Holidays

Ancient Cedar, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

We are home from our BC Alaska Yukon trip of a lifetime. It was absolutely terrific, despite the rain. The first half of our trip was spent under the remnants of Typhoon Vamco, so there was lots of wind and rain, and some rough seas for the 3 days we were on the ferry.

The highlight of our trip was most certainly the bears at Hyder, Alaska. I’ve updated the Nature gallery with a few images of the bears. More images of this trip are yet to come. It will take a while to shift through and process all the images.

I have created a video slideshow of the bears for you to enjoy.

Ritz Carlton Project

Ritz Carlton Installation

I may have eluded to working on a commissioned piece some time ago. Today I can finally unveil that project. I have  been working on a commissioned piece of artwork for the Ritz Carlton hotel on Amelia Island, Florida. These composite abstract photographs will be printed in 4 panels measuring 48wx72h on glass. The installation is for the reception area of the lobby. Installation is scheduled for this fall.

Trailer By The Tree

Trailer By The Tree, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

I’m finally getting caught up with backing up my images and updating my site. I added 32 new western images to my portfolio today and will be adding new material to the other categories over the next week.

Most of the images added today are from the Spring cattle branding and from our local pro rodeo event. The branding images are near and dear to my heart, as it’s something that I’ve envisioned creating for a long time. Special thanks go out to all the cowboys and cowgirls that keep this lifestyle alive and kicking; and for allowing me to photograph them!

Direct Hit


We’ve had a bit of an upset here this month. On Sunday, August 2nd, we got hit with a severe storm. My husband had gone to bed, but because I am a volunteer weather watcher I stayed up. I had been watching the radar earlier and knew that whatever was coming was going to be big. However, I hadn’t anticipated how big.

It started about 11:00 pm with really intense lightning. Pretty soon I could hear a roaring sound. From my training I know that can be one of two things. Debris from a tornado or large hail. I heard the first large clunk of something hit the house and yelled for my husband, where we rushed to the basement. At that point I wasn’t sure if it was debris or hail.

A person sometimes goes over these scenarios in their head and thinks about what to make sure you grab to take with you. I can assure you that there is no time to grab anything. All you are thinking is get yourself to safety.

Once in the safety of the basement we could see it was hail, not debris. Although that didn’t mean the possibility of a tornado was gone. Nor did it mean the possibility for damage didn’t exist. I immediately got on the phone with Environment Canada. The hail started off as baseball sized, and over the next 20 minutes to half an hour reduced in size from golf ball to pea sized. You could hear the hail beating the house and everything outside. Your first thoughts are still not on your property but on your own safety.

After the storm we could assess some of the damages. A couple of broken windows – in the barn and one in the sunroom. Could have been worse. Some of the neighbors had house windows broken. The siding and roof, and pretty much anything outside is beat up and will need to be replaced. The gardens and pastures look like someone took a weed whacker to them. Shredded. Trees down.

The campground down the road suffered extensive damage with trees falling and the hail. A few people camping had to be taken to hospital. One girl was airlifted to Edmonton. Wednesday a disaster recovery crew came in to put temporary fixes on leaking roofs. Now we wait for insurance and proper repairs; thankful at being safe, but annoyed at the costs and inconvenience.

Studio Tour This Weekend

The Rocky Studio Tour is running this weekend. Friday from 12 – 9, Saturday & Sunday from 10 – 6. There are many first class artists participating in the tour, including Crystal Mossing-Mascaro’s western and Calgary Stampede trophy bronzes; Verna Code’s popular oil & acrylic paintings; Anna Williamson’s handwoven wearable art; Lisa Head Harbidge’s fused glass art which is absolutely gorgeous; Dave Hartley’s porcelain and pottery; and many more artists and artworks.

We have an interactive map of all the participating studios to help you find each location. A printed brochure and map is also available from any of the participating studios. I’m showing a selection of my work at Spirit Rider Studio’s and would be please to chat if you are able to make the tour. Please stop by.

View Untitled in a larger map

Two Many Irons

Two Many Irons, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

My really busy season begins today. I’m off to Calgary to deliver my prints to the Calgary Stampede art show. After which I’m at Olds College for a few days for their Fibre Week event. Then it’s a series of jaunts for art openings and family events taking us back and forth across the province for the next few weeks.

Busy is good. I have to keep reminding myself of that fact!

I’ve updated my gallery with new shots from April. I haven’t added the new images from May and June yet, but hope to get to those shortly.  Backing up my images is becoming an issue as I’m currently using about 10 DVD’s per month. Can you picture the stack of DVD’s that is acquired in a year?! I’m needing to look into something else.

Studio Tour Show

Carnival, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

If you happen to be in Rocky Mountain House anytime before the end of the month be sure to stop into the Rocky Public Library to view the Studio Tour show. This show features artists who will be participating in the 4th Annual Rocky Studio Tour July 17 – 19th.

If you plan on being in Rocky that weekend I’d urge you to take the studio tour. Several prominent local artists are opening up their studio to the public. Although I won’t have my studio open, my work will be shown along with glass artist Lisa Harbidge. You can find out more on the tour from their website.

Scenes From The Gravel Road

I have uploaded my first video slideshow of images from the back roads of Alberta. The images featured in this video will become part of a new book that I’ll be working on this fall.

New Print On Demand Service


Online shopping of  select images is available  through print on demand services in my online SmugMug shop. At discounted prices, these open* photographic prints are perfect for people who are looking to spruce up their interior design without wanting to invest in limited edition art prints. These prints still have a great quality, but aren’t hand printed by me.

You may choose from a large range of sizes from 5×7″ to 30×40″. You also have a choice of luster, matte, watercolor paper, or canvas. These prints are an inexpensive way to display my unique fine art photography on the walls of your home or office.

Images in this print on demand shop are subject to change and quantities may be limited to reflect current edition sizes of my limited edition prints. To avoid disappointment, don’t wait too long to order!

*Prints are not signed and numbered.


Smokin’, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

I’m pleased to announce that my photographic art images are now being represented by First Light.

If your company needs unique images for advertsing, editorial, calendars, greeting cards, catalogs, fine art reproductions, or other licensed uses where creative, more artful images are called for, I welcome you to browse my collection of photographic based images represented by First Light of Canada. Photo buyers, interior designers, website designers, publishing companies, art consultants, and corporations looking for fine art photography can now license my images through First Light and it’s subsidiary partners, including Getty Images. I also welcome inquiries if you have a special image need that is suited to my style of photography but is not currently represented in my portfolio.


Two Down, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

I finally got down to my dad’s farm south of Calgary for branding this weekend. After years of talking about it and saying I wanted to come for it, something always seemed to happen to prevent me from going. Either we would be busy, the weather would be rotten, or there were too many people already, or something. But this year everything worked out. Continue reading %s

A Seed In The Snow

A Seed In The Snow, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

I think I must have jinxed myself by saying Spring had finally arrived. No such luck. We immediately went right back to winter. We’ve been getting snow daily since the 21st, forcing me to cancel a trip I had planned to photograph the mating ritual of Sharp-tailed Grouse. Oh well….there’s always next year.

I’m still going on a short little photo excursion, but won’t be shooting the grouse. Fingers crossed the snow finally quits – at least where I’m heading. Although my husband keeps reminding me I can make beautiful images in lousy weather, I really think my portfolio contains enough winter images. Bring on the thunderstorms! I need more images of them in my portfolio!


Stroll by Roberta Murray

Spring seems to finally be here, although we are still getting weekly snow showers instead of rain showers.  Everything seems to be about 3 or 4 weeks behind schedule. On nice days like today though, things seem explosive. You go outside and hear many new birds. They seem to arrive overnight. I do love this time of year; and find it hard to keep up with indoor work. I’ve been getting out to take pictures almost daily, but haven’t been keeping up with processing. I guess that’s what winter is for, hey?!

I’ve updated the images in the New Work gallery. I’ve added 24 new images in that gallery, and moved the other images to their respective categories. I think my next update I’ll have to remove some older images again. My portfolio always seems to grow too large, making organizing and managing it cumbersome!

Spring Is Late

Spring Is Late, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

I can hardly believe it is April 3rd and we are still waiting for Spring to arrive. We still have an (un)healthy layer of snow on the ground and struggle to make it above 0ºC. I sure hope we are rewarded with an awesome summer – no monsoon rains in June.

I am very pleased to announce that I am one of the newest members to the Alberta Society of Artists. I just found out last night that my application, which has to go through a jury process, was accepted. It is a huge honor.

I also found out that I will have my first solo show early in 2010. More details to follow shortly.

Rivals Print

Rivals Print, originally uploaded by Uncommon Depth.

I have had a couple of busy days in the studio. This print was one of the results. It’s printed directly onto the watercolor painting. I’ve been experimenting with this for awhile. Rather than photographing the painting and combining it with the image digitally, I’m printing directly onto the paintings making them original one of a kind prints. I’m pretty excited about how they’ve been turning out.

I’ve had some duds, but I think I’ve worked out most of the kinks. The trickiest parts have been getting the paper to feed properly – especially the thinner more delicate washi papers.

The two problems I encounter is that the paper catches on the bottom paper feeder and ends up buckling or folding the paper back onto itself; and smearing ink in the process. The other problem has been with the print head catching on the sides of the paper smearing ink.

I’ve got a few ideas on what to do with those papers as far as getting them to feed properly, which I’m excited to try, but I don’t know if they’ll help with the print head catching on the sides.


I also finally did my first canvas print. I’m such a silly girl sometimes. I’d actually been afraid to try a canvas print. I don’t know why…..costs of a screw up maybe. Well, I didn’t screw it up. The print came out beautifully. This is the Redpolls In Winter image – which I hope is going to a gallery in June.

It’s So Cold Out…..

… is on the inside of the windows.

Don't Look

…..even the dog refuses to get out of bed.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lay

…..even the thermometer wants to hide.

Minus Way Too Much

…..when you open the back door all the warm air goes out and creates fog.

I Opened The Back Door

…..even the dog has cabin fever*.


*Cabin Fever: term for a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a person or group is isolated and/or shut in, for an extended period. Symptoms include restlessness, irritability, forgetfulness, and excessive sleeping.

The thermometer reading in the picture was at about -27ºC and that was after it had warmed up. Spring seems to have alluded us this year. We’ve still got 2 or 3 feet (yes feet) of snow on the ground. Last year this time the geese and ducks were already migrating and there was at least 30º Celsius difference in the temperature. I’m waiting (not very patiently at all) for Spring to arrive. I’ve had a Spring trip planned to photograph the migration, but because of the weather I’m going to be forced to leave on the spur of the moment.

Last year there was no big, organized Spring migration because Spring was so late arriving. The birds came through in fits and spurts – difficult to time and find the big flocks. I’m hoping the same thing doesn’t happen this year. Winter has been lasting longer and longer every year here. I won’t argue climate change, but I will argue global warming.

I think we’ve all got cabin fever. Yesterday when my husband asked the dog if she wanted to go outside her tail went from straight up (happy) to straight down (definitely not happy)!

Exhibition Opportunity

Well scratch that. Unfortunately the person involved waited until the last minute to mention this was a Vanity Gallery scam and artists would be required to pay 50 pounds to participate. And that any sales would have a 60/40 split in favor of them.  Hmmm… to exhibit your work plus accept a lesser commission. Thanks, but no thanks. Plenty of legitimate opportunities exist.

Wanted: photography work from up and coming (student and non- student of any age) artists to show their take on what they think is a ‘beautiful landscape’. Participants are encouraged to bring different display formats of the work and a short statement to describe why their work represents a ‘beautiful landscape’.

Clare Davies, a student of the Contemporary Media Practice at the University of Westminster, London, UK (, is producing a photography exhibition for her major project. She is conducting this project under the course leadership of faculty member Mr. Peter Dukes. The project will take the form of a visual essay on “beautiful landscapes”. She is asking a world- wide group of photographers to contribute their own responses to this theme.

The work will be exhibited in a London, UK exhibition in May. Clare would like artists that present their work in different formats such as, book, postcard, print, blog/ website, iPhoto type, different frames, projection onto different materials, slide show, show wheel etc.

The artists that want to get involved must email me to tell me about their work with the following information:

• How many photographs are you sending?
• A description of how the work looks like.
• With any work please write a statement (a short paragraph) to explain why you think your work represents a ‘beautiful landscape’.
• The name of the piece
• Where the piece was taken
• What year it was produced
• Your contact details and where you are from
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The Birth Of A Series

On Friday I had made arrangements to visit the Royal Alberta Museum to photograph some of their specimens. The primary purpose of the visit was to photograph a few of the bird and fish mounts. However, on seeing the specimen collections those ended up being of more interest than the fish mounts.

I did photograph several songbirds as well – but those will be going into the Nature collection to help expand on my ideas of conservation and environmental impact. The fish were originally intended to be on that same theme. I had planned to create composite images using my painted textures to create Asian inspired images.

However, once I saw the jars and boxes of specimens I knew my original vision was out the door; and my focus shifted to this Natural History Specimen collection of images. I couldn’t wait to get home and transfer the vision into concrete images. A repeat visit to the museum may be in order to expand on the series.


I’m sorry folks I accidentally deleted my site today. I have now discovered one of the problems of using a blogging program or CMS system to create and manage an entire website. With the slip of a button the whole thing can be gone without recovery.

I was upgrading some of my WordPress Plugins, and……. Let’s just say it didn’t go well. So now I have to recreate my entire site. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll try to have everything back up and running as soon as possible.

I am especially sad at having lost people’s comments. Live and learn – make a backup before fiddling with anything important. And don’t work when you are tired!

Update: I worked ridiculously long hours for two days straight and got everything running again. Things aren’t exactly the same…..but close enough.