Original Paintings From Alberta, Canada

Visual art is a language that gives us permission to discover, play, learn, remember, and experiment with different thoughts and emotions. I’ve never been able to keep a journal or diary. Words fail, but the visual language speaks with the thoughts and feelings that are difficult to articulate.

Emily Dickenson said: “The past is not a package one can lay away”. That simple statement sums up a lot about my work. There is an element of our past expressed in many of my works, whether it is through a historical reference or informed by the paintings and photographs of the past. There is a sense knowing where we’ve been can guide us on where we’re going.

Visual art is my journey where I explore the many aspects of life and search for deeper meaning. There is the beauty of people represented with spirit, grace, strength, freedom and our connection to the land. The land filled with wonderment and magnificence, shows us our own insignificance. Sometimes, it’s just about the subtleness or simplicity of a beautiful thing, which we don’t acknowledge often enough.

I try not to copy nature exactly, but a sentiment that will allow you to connect with the represented spirit and create your own interpretations. It is my hopes these works will create an emotional response in you that goes beyond what is readily understood.

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